The company’s activity began with the development of an intelligent digital complex IGLA, in which AUTHOR specialists concentrated the most innovative solutions previously used only in the production of cars equipped with a digital CAN bus.

In the basis of the IGLA system (and subsequently other anti-theft devices under the AUTHOR brand), the company specialists put an entirely new principle of blocking the vehicle’s functional bodies – by feeding digital commands identical to standard ones to actuators and systems. Direct interaction with electronic digital blocks of the car allowed to build multi-level protection circuits in addition to anti-theft functions of the standard modules.

AUTHOR was the first to introduce the “smartphone-tag” technology, which allows the car owner to use his iPhone for automatic authorization in the system. The company’s products have a number of other unique advantages, namely:

  • use of regular wiring without interference in the electronics while maintaining the warranty on the car
  • stealth installation and quick installation by simply connecting miniature electronic modules
  • the possibility of blocking the analogue output of additional lines of CAN, LIN, FlexRay and other digital buses / electrical circuits


AUTHER systems are only available via a selected network of dealers, and can only be purchased with installation to guarantee the highest possible level of security for your vehicle. A full list of AUTHOR approved installers can be found on the Contact page.