Remote Engine Start via your factory remote

AUTOSTART – is intended for remote start of your car. When using the AUTOSTART system, it becomes possible to warm up the engine and the car interior in cold weather in advance, and also to cool the interior on hot days.

When AUTOSTART receives a start command, the anti-theft system is turned off and the starter motor turns. With a normal and successful start of the engine, the car’s yellow warning lights flash or the LED indicator on the key flickers.

With AUTOSTART there is no need to leave the key in the car or connect additional devices – the module works autonomously.


• Remote Engine Start via CAN-BUS
• Selectable Run Time. 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes
• Can be use with IGLA
• Works with factory remote control
• No additional remote fob required
• Service/Valet mode means system can be turned off for servicing
• Built in COMFORT features

A full list of AUTOSTART compatible vehicles can be found here…

COMFORT User Guide can be found here…

Unique protection


Start control with the help of a regular key fob

Blocking the engine if security zones are violated in autostart mode

The start control is via the CAN-BUS without connectig to the power wires

Fuel Level Monitoring Shut Down

Adjustable running time from 5 to 30 minutes

Autostart will turn off as soon as the door, hood or trunk are opened for safety and security


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