COMFORT window closure will only work on Toyota models that feature “One Touch” Auto windows.

If your Toyota is listed on the COMFORT vehicle list then the top specification of that model will work. However, it may not be available with the middle and entry-level models of that vehicle.

It all depends on what Toyota decide to leave out on the lower specification versions!

Are all windows “One Touch”?

This is normally easy to spot as each window will have an “A” on the switch as shown in the photo below.

The photo above shows the driver’s window switch from a 2017 Toyota Highlander GLX. Both front windows are “One Touch” auto up windows but the rear windows are not. This means the rear windows are not on the CAN-BUS so the COMFORT module cannot command them to close.

The good news is that the COMFORT module can still close the rear windows via a timed output and a couple of additional relays as shown in the video below:

Note: Window venting is not possible on the rear windows on the Highlander GLX.

Additional parts and labour are required for this method so there will be extra costs involved in the installation.

Interestingly all 4 windows on the top spec Highlander Limited are fully automatic so will be fully functional with COMFORT as standard.

Other Toyota models not on the COMFORT vehicle list?

The list is being updated as and when we get access to each model of Toyota for testing. If you have a late model Toyota with “One Touch” Windows then COMFORT will probably work. Feel welcome to contact us.